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Last month in tweets – October 2019

November 7, 2019

We have collected some of the month’s most interesting tweets about AI.

Efforts to push back harmful AI in one year

Privacy-preserving learning system for medical imaging analysis

An open-source platform to promote research and development on real-world robotics hardware

Paraphrase Adversaries from Word Scrambling (PAWS) English dataset and multilingual PAWS-X for better multilingual NLP models

Research work on an end-to-end real-time multilingual speech recognition system

A software development kit for building AI applications that merge between vision, speech, and other sensors in order to make conversations more natural

A unified model for vision-language generation tasks

Robots with dexterous hands solving Rubik’s Cube 60% of the time (20% in case of a particularly hard scramble) using reinforcement learning and Kociemba’s algorithm for choosing the steps

Addressing bias in AI

Restoring ancient inscriptions by recovering missing characters from damaged text input using deep learning


Nedjma Ousidhoum is PhD candidate in NLP at HKUST... read more

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