AIhub monthly digest: July 2021 – ICML, protein folding for all, and AI Song Contest winner announced

Welcome to our monthly digest, where you can catch up with AI research, events and news from the month past.
29 July 2021, by

Hot papers on arXiv from the past month: July 2021

What’s hot on arXiv? Here are the most tweeted papers that were uploaded onto arXiv during July 2021.
02 August 2021, by

Eleven new NSF artificial intelligence research institutes announced

USA National Science Foundation (NSF) partnerships expand National AI Research Institutes to 40 states.
30 July 2021, by

Use of AI to fight COVID-19 risks harming “disadvantaged groups”, experts warn

Rapid deployment of AI to tackle coronavirus must still go through ethical checks and balances.
28 July 2021, by

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#ICML2021 invited talk round-up 2: randomized controlled trials, encoding speech, and molecular science

In our second round-up, we summarise the talks from Esther Duflo, Edward Chang and Cecilia Clementi.
27 July 2021, by

Document grounded generation

A method for generating text when given a context and a source document.
26 July 2021, by

DeepMind and EMBL release database of predicted protein structures

DeepMind and EMBL-EBI have partnered to produce an open-source database of around 350k 3D protein structures.
23 July 2021, by

#ICML2021 in tweets

Find out what attendees have been getting up to at this year's International Conference on Machine Learning.
22 July 2021, by

#ICML2021 invited talk round-up 1: drug discovery and cryospheric science

In this post, we summarise the first two invited talks from ICML, given by Daphne Koller and Xiao Cunde.
21 July 2021, by

Ethics in voice technologies

This article from the COMPRISE project considers some of the ethical implications of voice technologies.
20 July 2021, by

What’s coming up at #ICML2021?

With this year's International Conference on Machine Learning now underway, it's time to find out more about the events and talks.
19 July 2021, by

Ethics and AI: tackling biases hidden in big data

Find out more about Nello Cristianini's research into big data and biases.
16 July 2021, by

What do pilots think of having more AI in the cockpit?

Pilots are keen to explore using new technology in the cockpit but they also need to be central in the design of any new systems.

“AI: Here for Good” – Ireland releases national AI strategy

On 8th July, the Irish Government released its national AI strategy. Find out more about it here.
14 July 2021, by

Code^Shift lab aims to confront bias in AI and machine learning

The new Texas A&M initiative brings together an interdisciplinary group of experts.
13 July 2021, by

Forthcoming machine learning and AI seminars: July 2021 edition

A list of free-to-attend AI-related seminars that are scheduled to take place between 13 July and 31 August 2021.
12 July 2021, by

Focus on affordable and clean energy: call for contributions

We are looking for AI researchers, users and stakeholders to write, or talk, about their work relating to affordable and clean energy.
09 July 2021, by

Winner of the 2021 AI Song Contest announced!

Find out who won top spot in this year's competition.
08 July 2021, by

Four ways artificial intelligence is helping us learn about the universe

Some of the biggest challenges in astronomy lie in how we’re going to study all the data we’re collecting.
07 July 2021, by

The problem of complete, irreversible data anonymisation

Read about the challenges and the latest research into data anonymisation.
06 July 2021, by

“I am here to assist you today” – how we respond to chatbots

Carolin Ischen studies how our perceptions of AI and our experience with chatbots influence our attitudes and behaviour.
05 July 2021, by

Hot papers on arXiv from the past month: June 2021

What’s hot on arXiv? Here are the most tweeted papers that were uploaded onto arXiv during June 2021.
02 July 2021, by

Congratulations to the #IJCAI2021 award winners

The winners of three IJCAI awards have been announced.
01 July 2021, by

AIhub monthly digest: June 2021 – RoboCup, comics, and the return of the AI song contest

Welcome to our monthly digest where you can catch up with AI research, events and news from the month past.
30 June 2021, by

See, Hear, Explore: curiosity via audio-visual association

We propose a formulation of curiosity that encourages the agent to explore novel associations between modalities, such as audio and vision.
29 June 2021, by

Cost-effective speech-to-text with weakly- and semi-supervised training

Find out how the COMPRISE project are using semi-supervised methods to train speech-to-text systems.
28 June 2021, by

RoboCup and its role in the history and future of AI

Read about the history of RoboCup and this year's competition.
25 June 2021, by and

The Machine Ethics Podcast: What is AI?

Hear from past show guests who consider the question "What is AI"?
24 June 2021, by

What’s coming up at RoboCup 2021?

Find out what's happening at the virtual RoboCup event this year.
23 June 2021, by

RoboCup@Work League: Interview with Asad Norouzi

We spoke to Asad Norouzi about the RoboCup@Work League and plans for the forthcoming competition, running this week.
22 June 2021, by

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