AI as an accelerator of the energy transition, opportunities for a carbon-free energy system

Find out how the Netherlands aim to take major steps towards increasing renewable energy production and increased electrification.
23 September 2021, by

Allocating fair shares of land

We consider the problem of fair land allocation where, in addition to geometric constraints on the shapes of the individual pieces, we require the pieces to be separated.
21 September 2021, by

The limitations of limited context for constituency parsing

We consider the representational power of two important frameworks for constituency parsing.
24 September 2021, by

UK launches National AI Strategy

Today, the UK government released its 10 year National AI Strategy.
22 September 2021, by

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Radical AI podcast: featuring Jason Edward Lewis

In this episode, Dylan and Jess chat to Jason Edward Lewis about Indigenous AI.
20 September 2021, by

Life below water focus series round-up: ocean ecosystems, marine litter and autonomous vehicles

We summarise our focus series and highlight further interesting research in the field.
17 September 2021, by

One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence (AI100): 2021 report released

AI100 have today published the 2021 study panel report on AI and how it shapes our lives.
16 September 2021, by

Microblogs from ACL 2021

Investigate the Twitter-microblogged papers from ACL, including collections in Indonesian, Italian, French and Arabic.
15 September 2021, by

The Machine Ethics podcast: responsible AI research with Madhulika Srikumar

In this episode, Ben chats with Madhulika Srikumar about AI research, how we can think responsibly about our work, and how best to manage the associated risks.
14 September 2021, by

Forthcoming machine learning and AI seminars: September 2021 edition

A list of free-to-attend AI-related seminars that are scheduled to take place between 13 September and 31 October 2021.
13 September 2021, by

AIhub coffee corner: AI at the Olympics

Inspired by the Olympics and Paralympics, this month we discuss sports and the role AI and robotics could play.
10 September 2021, by

Focus on life on land: call for contributions

We are looking for AI researchers, users and stakeholders to write, or talk, about their work relating to life on land.
10 September 2021, by

“Connection with the past”: using AI to help find and preserve Europe’s historical smells

An ambitious project aims to investigate how scents defined communities in the past.
09 September 2021, by

Strategic instrumental variable regression: recovering causal relationships from strategic responses

How can we infer causal relationships in data while employing a decision-making model?
08 September 2021, by

What is AI? Stephen Hanson in conversation with Michael Jordan

In this brand new series of conversations about AI, Stephen José Hanson talks to Michael I Jordan.
07 September 2021, by

Researchers develop real-time lyric generation technology to inspire song writing

LyricJam, a real-time system that uses machine learning to generate lyric lines for live instrumental music.
06 September 2021, by

Congratulations to the authors of the #IJCAI2021 distinguished papers

Find out who won the best conference paper awards at IJCAI this year.
03 September 2021, by

Energy as a fundamental right

Finding the optimum amount of free electricity to tackle energy poverty.

Hot papers on arXiv from the past month: August 2021

What’s hot on arXiv? Here are the most tweeted papers that were uploaded onto arXiv during August 2021.
01 September 2021, by

AIhub monthly digest: August 2021 – IJCAI, RoboCupJunior, and happy birthday to arXiv

Welcome to our monthly digest, where you can catch up with AI research, events and news from the month past.
31 August 2021, by

#IJCAI2021 invited talks round-up 2: system two deep learning, and knowledge representation for generalisation

In the second in our series of summaries of the invited talks from IJCAI2021, we cover the talks by Yoshua Bengio and Michael Thielscher.
27 August 2021, by

RoboCupJunior: Interview with Amy Eguchi

Find out more about the RoboCup competitions for younger participants.
26 August 2021, by

#IJCAI2021 invited talks round-up 1: fairness in multiwinner voting, and combining AI and robotics to augment human abilities

In the first in our series of summaries of the invited talks from IJCAI2021, we cover the talks by Edith Elkind and Masahiro Fujita.
25 August 2021, by

Congratulations to the #IJCAI2021 best paper award winners

Find out who won the AIJ classic paper, AIJ prominent paper, and JAIR best paper awards.
24 August 2021, by

Tweet round-up from #IJCAI2021 – workshops and tutorials

We round-up some of the Twitter chat about the IJCAI events that took place over the weekend. We also look forward to the week ahead.
23 August 2021, by

The Machine Ethics podcast: AI regulation with Lofred Madzou

In this episode, Ben chats with Lofred Madzou about AI as a journey to understand ourselves.
20 August 2021, by

What’s coming up at #IJCAI2021?

Find out what's coming up at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence.
18 August 2021, by

Universal weakly supervised segmentation by pixel-to-segment contrastive learning

Can a machine learn from a few labeled pixels to predict every pixel in a new image?
17 August 2021, by

Machine learning technique to help keep your personal data your own

A new machine learning model puts ‘noise’ into personal images to stop artificial intelligence programs from exploiting and misusing your data.

A unifying, game-theoretic framework for imitation learning

In this post we explore imitation learning and consider online, offline, and interactive methods.
13 August 2021, by

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