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AI in tweets – January 2020

January 31, 2020

Happy new year 2020! Below are the tweets about AI we have collected this month.

Hopes for AI in 2020

Predictions for AI in 2020

An ethically mindful approach to AI for healthcare

AI career pathways by workera

Principles of AI Ethics and Safety

The role of AI in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

On GPT-2 and the nature of Intelligence by Gary Marcus

Meena: the new conversational agent by Google AI

Aligning AI with human Values by DeepMind

Neural nets and symbolic reasoning to solve advanced mathematical problems by Facebook AI

mBART: a new pretraining system for machine translation by Facebook AI

Polygames: a new framework for training bots through self-play by Facebook AI

A library of ~200 NLP datasets

CausalNet: a software designed to understand the Why behind the data by QuantumBlack

Advbox: a toolbox that generates adversarial examples for deep learning by Baidu

Nedjma Ousidhoum is PhD candidate in NLP at HKUST... read more

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