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Engineering Out Loud: S9E2 – AI, explain yourself

April 7, 2020
Artificial intelligence systems are being entrusted with critical choices that can change lives. Alan Fern, a professor of computer science, wants them to explain themselves.

Can we trust artificial intelligence to make good decisions? The answer is a resounding, maybe. More and more, society and individuals are entrusting AI to make potentially life-changing decisions. Rather than putting blind trust in the judgement of these remarkable systems, Professor Alan Fern and a team of computer scientists want to reveal their reasoning processes.

From the College of Engineering at Oregon State University, this is “Engineering Out Loud” — a podcast telling the stories of how research and innovation at the University is helping change the world. “Engineering Out Loud” Season Nine focusses on robotics and AI, covering topics from from policy and ethics, to programming and practical applications. You can listen to the full series here.

Engineering Out Loud A podcast from the College of Engineering at Oregon State University.. read more

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