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Radical AI podcast: featuring Kate Darling

December 2, 2020

Photo of Kate Darling
Hosted by Dylan Doyle-Burke and Jessie J Smith, Radical AI is a podcast featuring the voices of the future in the field of artificial intelligence ethics. In this episode Jess and Dylan chat to Kate Darling about our relationships with robots.

Our messy robot relationships with Kate Darling

Have you ever seen a robot and called it cute? Have you ever seen a drone and felt afraid? Have you ever apologized to siri or yelled at your rumba to get out of the way? Have you ever named your car?

Our relationships with robots are complex and messy, to explore this topic, we interview Kate Darling, a leading expert in Robot Ethics and a Research Specialist at the MIT Media Lab. Kate researches the near-term effects of robotic technology, with a particular interest in law, social, and ethical issues.

Follow Kate Darling on Twitter @grok_.

Full show notes for this episode can be found at Radical AI.

Listen to the episode below:

About Radical AI:

Hosted by Dylan Doyle-Burke, a PhD student at the University of Denver, and Jessie J Smith, a PhD student at the University of Colorado Boulder, Radical AI is a podcast featuring the voices of the future in the field of Artificial Intelligence Ethics.

Radical AI lifts up people, ideas, and stories that represent the cutting edge in AI, philosophy, and machine learning. In a world where platforms far too often feature the status quo and the usual suspects, Radical AI is a breath of fresh air whose mission is “To create an engaging, professional, educational and accessible platform centering marginalized or otherwise radical voices in industry and the academy for dialogue, collaboration, and debate to co-create the field of Artificial Intelligence Ethics.”

Through interviews with rising stars and experts in the field we boldly engage with the topics that are transforming our world like bias, discrimination, identity, accessibility, privacy, and issues of morality.

To find more information regarding the project, including podcast episode transcripts and show notes, please visit Radical AI.

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