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CLAIRE COVID-19 Initiative Video Series: Meet the Team Leaders – Davide Bacciu

January 20, 2021

Davide Bacciu

In the second interview in this series of Meet the Team Leaders from the CLAIRE COVID-19 Initiative, we hear from Davide Bacciu (Università di Pisa).

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Davide Bacciu is the leader of the Bioinformatics (protein and molecular data analysis) topic group in the CLAIRE Covid-19 Initiative. In this interview you can find out what his team does, how they use AI in their work, and how he has found the experience of working as part of the taskforce.

To find out more about this series read our recent post, and watch the first video with Emanuela Girardi, here.

You will be able to watch the whole series on the CLAIRE YouTube channel. New videos will be posted over the coming days.

Find out more about the CLAIRE COVID-19 task force here.
You can contact the taskforce by email here.

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