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Equitable climate mitigation – a webinar from Climate Change AI

February 22, 2021

equitable climate mitigation

In this webinar from Climate Change AI you can hear from panellists in industry and academia as they discuss climate change mitigation. They consider how we can tackle climate change while addressing social inequalities, and investigate whether AI could help.

AIhub focus issue on climate action

Climate change mitigation requires substantial investment, technology development and political effort. However, this large-scale task cannot be accomplished without considering important ethical and social considerations. Climate change mitigation should be accomplished in such a way that historically marginalized and vulnerable groups across the world have equitable access to mitigation technologies, financial incentives, and social rewards. In this talk the panellists aim to identify challenges and opportunities for AI in this field.

You can watch the webinar recording below:

Taking part were:
Sergio Castellanos, Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin.
Donnel Baird, founder of BlocPower, a clean tech startup based in New York City.
Doris Han, lead engineer at BlocPower.

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