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IDEES is the online magazine on contemporary issues edited by the Centre for Contemporary Studies an in-house think tank of the Government of Catalonia. The magazine addresses the main contemporary global challenges and debates through the view of leading world experts. IDEES magazine offers a broad vision of the topics covered in each issue through articles, conferences and debates. The main purpose is to contribute to the public debate to achieve a deliberative democracy providing contents, diagnosis and proposals to brief the Government of Catalonia and promote critical thinking among citizens. First published in 1999, with a background of 44 paper editions, the new digital platform of the magazine will reach a broader public and have all its contents in three languages —Catalan, Spanish and English. Past edititions published on paper will be soon available on the website. All the contributions published by IDEES are intended to enrich the global debate and provide different approaches. Its publication, therefore, does not mean these visions are endorsed or representative of the Centre for Contemporary Studies’ position, nor the Government of Catalonia’s.

©2021 - Association for the Understanding of Artificial Intelligence

©2021 - Association for the Understanding of Artificial Intelligence-