Symposium on Educational Advances in Artificial Intelligence – a summary from the co-chairs

Find out more about the event and the activities that took place.
23 March 2021, by and

Michael Wooldridge: Talking to the public about AI – #EAAI2021 invited talk

Michael shares lessons learnt from his science communication experiences.
17 March 2021, by

Daphne Koller: Digital learning coming to life – #AAAI2021 invited talk

At AAAI 2021, Daphne Koller gave a plenary talk about digital learning. In this presentation she discussed the different motivations for online learning, what we know about effective learning, digital...
11 March 2021, by

Tweet round-up from the second half of #AAAI2021

You may have seen our tweet round-up from the first few days of the AAAI 35th conference on artificial intelligence. During the second part of the conference we've enjoyed further invited talks, inter...
10 February 2021, by

#AAAI2021 invited talk – Regina Barzilay on deploying machine learning methods in cancer diagnosis and drug design

In September 2020, Regina Barzilay was announced as the winner of the inaugural AAAI Squirrel AI award. Regina was formally presented with the prize during an award ceremony at the AAAI2021 conference...
09 February 2021, by

Tweet round-up from the first few days of #AAAI2021

The AAAI 35th conference on artificial intelligence started on 2 February. So far, we've been treated to some excellent invited talks, tutorial sessions, and diversity and inclusion events. The poster...
06 February 2021, by

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Congratulations to the #AAAI2021 best paper winners

The AAAI-21 best paper awards were announced on Thursday 4th February during the opening ceremony of AAAI 2021. There were three best papers, three best paper runners-up, and six distinguished papers....
05 February 2021, by

What’s coming up at #AAAI2021?

The 35th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI2021) starts on Tuesday 2 February and runs until Tuesday 9 February. Find out about some of the main events that are taking place throughout t...
01 February 2021, by

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