What’s coming up at #AAAI2021?

01 February 2021

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The 35th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI2021) starts on Tuesday 2 February and runs until Tuesday 9 February. Find out about some of the main events that are taking place throughout the virtual conference.

Invited speakers

AAAI have announced the following distinguished invited speakers at this year’s conference.

Tuomas Sandholm (Carnegie Mellon University, Optimized Markets, Inc., Strategy Robot, Inc., Strategic Machine, Inc.)
What Can and Should Humans Contribute to Superhuman AIs?

Regina Barzilay (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
A tale of two translations

Luke Zettlemoyer (University of Washington and Facebook)
Recent advances in language model pretraining

Latanya Sweeney (Harvard)
Title to be confirmed

Sanjeev Arora (Princeton)
Title to be confirmed

Kai-Fu Lee (Sinoventures, China)
AI infusion investment outlook

Daphne Koller (insitro, Inc)
Digital learning coming to life

Michael Wooldridge (University of Oxford and Alan Turing Institute, London)
Talking to the public about AI

Diversity and inclusion program

These events take place throughout the week. Click on the links to find out more details about each event.
Accelerating the pipeline of trailblazing STEM students
Black in AI social
Gender identity and AI
Girls and grandmothers
LatinXperiences. Community building for Latinx researchers
Mid-career diversity virtual discussion (MIDCAR)
Queer in AI social
Reframing diversity in AI: representation, inclusion and power
Scientific discovery with AI
Try AI
Women’s mentoring session
The second workshop on artificial intelligence – diversity, belonging, equity, and inclusion (AIDBEI)


The workshops will take place on 8-9 February. Click on the workshop titles below to find out more information.
W1: Affective content analysis (AffCon@AAAI 2021)
W2: AI for behavior change
W3: AI for urban mobility
W4: Artificial intelligence safety (SafeAI)
W5: Combating online hostile posts in regional languages during emergency situations (CONSTRAINT-2021)
W6: Commonsense knowledge graphs (CSKGs)
W7: Content authoring and design
W8: Deep learning on graphs: methods and applications (DLG-AAAI’21)
W9: Designing AI for telehealth
W10: 9th dialog system technology challenge (DSTC9)
W11: Explainable agency in artificial intelligence
W12: Graphs and more complex structures for learning and reasoning (GCLR)
W13: 5th international workshop on health intelligence (W3PHIAI-21)
W14: Hybrid artificial intelligence
W15: Imagining post-COVID education with AI
W16: Knowledge discovery from unstructured data in financial services
W17: Learning network architecture during training
W18: Meta-learning and co-hosted competition
W19: Meta-learning for computer vision (ML4CV)
W20: Plan, activity, and intent recognition (PAIR) 2021
W21: Privacy-preserving artificial intelligence
W22: Reasoning and learning for human-machine dialogs (DEEP-DIAL21)
W23: Reinforcement learning in games
W24: Scientific document understanding
W25: Towards robust, secure and efficient machine learning
W26: Trustworthy AI for healthcare


There are 25 tutorials taking place on Wednesday 3 February. You can see the list and find out more about them here.

Other events and useful links

The thirty-third annual conference on innovative applications of artificial intelligence
(IAAI-21) will take place from Thursday 4 February to Saturday 6 February. View the program here.

The eleventh symposium on educational advances in artificial intelligence (EAAI-21) with take place on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 February. View the program here.

There are five panel discussions planned, covering AI responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, neuro-symbolic AI, and government AI strategy. To view the details, click here.

A pdf of the AAAI-21 accepted papers can be found here.


Lucy Smith , Managing Editor for AIhub.
Lucy Smith , Managing Editor for AIhub.

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