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Launching – Our journey bringing together leading organisations to improve understanding of Artificial Intelligence

January 27, 2020

Four years ago, we (Tom Dietterich and Sabine Hauert) met at AAAI and started a discussion about how we could improve public understanding of artificial intelligence. Tom was leading AAAI at the time, and I had just published an article in Science on how researchers could engage in the public discussion about AI. From this conversation, we set out to build, a non-profit dedicated to connecting the AI community to the public. will host daily updates about the latest news, opinions, tutorials, and events in artificial intelligence. All information is produced by those working directly in the field, without filter or intermediary.

By providing free, high-quality information about AI, aims to reduce hype and improve understanding in the public, so that everyone can have a meaningful discussion about the deployment of AI in society.

We spent quite some time gathering support from leading AI organisations including AAAI, NeurIPS, IMLS, AIJ/IJCAI, ACM SIGAI, and RoboCup. The new non-profit is set up as an independent Association, called the “Association for the Understanding of Artificial Intelligence”, to ensure fair and impartial coverage of artificial intelligence.

The Association currently includes 10 trustees from around the world and academic specialities, including Tom and me as executive trustees, and Kamalika Chaudhuri (USA), Sanmay Das (USA), Stephen José Hanson (USA), Michael Littman (USA), Michela Milano (IT), Carles Sierra (ES), Oskar von Stryk (DE), Zhi-Hua Zhou (CN). As of this month, we are supported by a full time Managing Editor, Lucy Smith, who has a PhD in Physics and a decade experience as a scientific editor.

Check this website for latest updates, join our mailing-list for the weekly digest, or follow us on twitter, facebook, and linkedIn. And send us your questions, and feedback. We’re building this community to improve communication around AI, and look forward to hearing from you.

Please get in touch if you have any articles, blogs, videos, podcasts, or tutorials you’d like to contribute, we’re here to help.

Sabine Hauert is Associate Professor at the University of Bristol, and Executive Trustee of read more

Thomas G. Dietterich is Distinguished Professor (Emeritus) and Director of Intelligent Systems Institute for Collaborative Robotics and Intelligence Systems (CoRIS) at Oregon State University... read more

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