Congratulations to the authors of the #IJCAI2021 distinguished papers

03 September 2021

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The IJCAI distinguished paper awards recognise some of the best papers presented at the conference each year. This year, three articles received the accolade of distinguished paper, with a further article receiving an honourable mention.

Distinguished papers

Learning generalized unsolvability heuristics for classical planning
Simon Ståhlberg, Guillem Francès, Jendrik Seipp
Recent work in classical planning has introduced dedicated techniques for detecting unsolvable states, that is, states from which no goal state can be reached. The authors approach the problem from a generalized planning perspective and learn first order-like formulas that characterize unsolvability for entire planning domains.

Read the paper in full here.

On the relation between approximation fixpoint theory and justification theory
Simon Marynissen, Bart Bogaerts, Marc Denecker
Approximation Fixpoint Theory (AFT) and Justification Theory (JT) are two frameworks to unify logical formalisms. The authors provide a formal link between the two frameworks. They then exploit this correspondence to extend JT with a novel class of semantics.

Read the paper in full here.

Keep your distance: land division with separation
Edith Elkind, Erel Segal-Halevi, Warut Suksompong
This paper is part of an ongoing endeavour to bring the theory of fair division closer to practice by handling requirements from real-life applications. The authors focus on two requirements originating from the division of land estates, and explore the algorithmic and query complexity of finding fair partitions in this setting.

Read the paper in full here.

Honourable mention

Actively learning concepts and conjunctive queries under ELr-ontologies
Maurice Funk, Jean Christoph Jung, Carsten Lutz
The authors consider the problem of learning a concept or a query in the presence of an ontology formulated in the description logic ELr.

Read the paper in full here.

You can read all of our coverage of the 30th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-21) here.

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