Focus on reduced inequalities

Use of AI to fight COVID-19 risks harming “disadvantaged groups”, experts warn

Rapid deployment of AI to tackle coronavirus must still go through ethical checks and balances.
28 July 2021, by

Ethics and AI: tackling biases hidden in big data

Find out more about Nello Cristianini's research into big data and biases.
16 July 2021, by

Code^Shift lab aims to confront bias in AI and machine learning

The new Texas A&M initiative brings together an interdisciplinary group of experts.
13 July 2021, by

Advancing society through inclusive AI technology

Socially Intelligent Artificial Systems (SIAS) - a new research group at the University of Amsterdam.
18 June 2021, by

The Machine Ethics Podcast: Algorithmic discrimination with Damien Williams

In this episode, Ben chats with Damien Williams about types of human and algorithmic discrimination, and much more.
03 June 2021, by

FLeet: putting machine learning in your pocket

Using mobile devices to conduct machine learning as part of a distributed network.
02 June 2021, by

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AIhub launches focus series on reduced inequalities

As part of our ongoing focus on the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs), we are launching the next topic in this series: reduced inequalities.
02 June 2021, by

Focus on reduced inequalities: call for contributions

We are looking for AI researchers, users and stakeholders to write, or talk, about their work relating to reducing inequalities.
12 April 2021, by

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