RoboCup and its role in the history and future of AI

Read about the history of RoboCup and this year's competition.
25 June 2021, by and

What’s coming up at RoboCup 2021?

Find out what's happening at the virtual RoboCup event this year.
23 June 2021, by

RoboCup@Work League: Interview with Asad Norouzi

We spoke to Asad Norouzi about the RoboCup@Work League and plans for the forthcoming competition, running this week.
22 June 2021, by

RoboCup Humanoid League: Interview with Maike Paetzel-Prüsmann

Find out more about the Humanoid League and how they've adapted to a virtual environment for this year's RoboCup competition, kicking off on 24 June.
21 June 2021, by

RoboCup 3d Simulation League: Interview with Marco Simões

From 24-27 June, the 3d Soccer Simulation League will be taking place, as part of RoboCup 2021.
16 June 2021, by

RoboCup Logistics League: Interview with Sebastian Eltester

Find out about this year's competition, taking place in the last week of June as part of RoboCup 2021.
09 June 2021, by

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