AI UK – an event from The Turing Institute

A summary of some of the panel debates and sessions.
24 March 2021, by

Symposium on Educational Advances in Artificial Intelligence – a summary from the co-chairs

Find out more about the event and the activities that took place.
23 March 2021, by and

An inferential perspective on federated learning

We present a probabilistic perspective that generalizes and improves upon federated optimization and enables a new class of efficient federated learning algorithms.
22 March 2021, by

Radical AI podcast: featuring Zanele Munyikwa

Hosted by Dylan Doyle-Burke and Jessie J Smith, Radical AI is a podcast featuring the voices of the future in the field of artificial intelligence ethics. In this episode...
19 March 2021, by

CLAIRE COVID-19 Initiative Video Series: Meet the Team Leaders – Marco Aldinucci

Learn more about the image analysis topic group in the CLAIRE COVID-19 Initiative.

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Michael Wooldridge: Talking to the public about AI – #EAAI2021 invited talk

Michael shares lessons learnt from his science communication experiences.
17 March 2021, by

Climate action focus series round-up – interviews, research summaries, webinars and more

In this summary article we highlight some of work at the intersection of AI and climate science.
16 March 2021, by

Forthcoming machine learning and AI seminars: March 2021 edition

This post contains a list of the AI-related seminars that are scheduled to take place between 15 March and 30 April 2021. All events detailed here are free and open for a...
15 March 2021, by

The successor representation, gamma-models, and infinite-horizon prediction

Reinforcement learning algorithms are frequently categorized by whether they predict future states at any point in their decision-making process...
12 March 2021, by

Daphne Koller: Digital learning coming to life – #AAAI2021 invited talk

At AAAI 2021, Daphne Koller gave a plenary talk about digital learning. In this presentation she discussed the different motivations for online learning, what we know abo...
11 March 2021, by

CLAIRE COVID-19 Initiative Video Series: Meet the Team Leaders – Manlio De Domenico

In interview number six in this series of Meet the Team Leaders from the CLAIRE COVID-19 Initiative, we hear from Manlio De Domenico, Head of the Complex Multilayer Netwo...

Using machine learning to create texts for people with reading difficulties

The aim of the TextAD research project at Linköping University is to better understand different types of reading difficulties.
10 March 2021, by

Monitoring the climate crisis with AI, satellites and drones – a workshop at NeurIPS2020

As part of the workshop programme at NeurIPS2020, Climate Change AI (CCAI) held an all-day session on "Tackling climate change with machine learning". They also organised...
09 March 2021, by

Happy International Women’s Day!

To celebrate International Women's Day, we take a look back over the past year of AIhub content and highlight some of our favourite articles, interviews, podcasts and vid...
08 March 2021, by

Focus on life below water: call for contributions

We are launching the next topic in our focus series on the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs). In April we will start publishing posts relating the goal of “life b...
08 March 2021, by

2021 AI Index Report published

The report tracks, summarises and visualises data relating to artificial intelligence.
05 March 2021, by

Team formation techniques in education

Our research uses combinatorial optimisation techniques to study team formation.
04 March 2021, by

AIhub launches focus series on quality education

As part of our ongoing focus on the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs), we are launching the third topic in this series: quality education. Posts on this topic will ...
04 March 2021, by

AIhub monthly digest: February 2021

Welcome to the second of our monthly digests, designed to keep you up-to-date with the happenings in the AI world.
03 March 2021, by

AIhub video – find out more about us

AIhub launched in 2020 and during our first year we've published some great content from the community, on a wide variety of topics. We've put together a short video that...
02 March 2021, by

Interview with Konstantin Klemmer – talking Climate Change AI and geographic data research

Hear from AI researcher and communications chair for Climate Change AI.
02 March 2021, by

Hot papers on arXiv from the past month – February 2021

What’s hot on arXiv? Here are the most tweeted papers that were uploaded onto arXiv during February 2021. Results are powered by Arxiv Sanity Preserver....
01 March 2021, by

Machine learning helps retrace evolution of classical music

Researchers in EPFL’s Digital and Cognitive Musicology Lab used an unsupervised machine learning model to "listen to" and categorize more than 13,000 pieces of Western ...
26 February 2021, by

Bulgarian government adopts a new strategy for the development of AI

The Bulgarian government has adopted a "Concept for the Development of Artificial Intelligence", planned until 2030. This strategy is in line with the documents of the E...
26 February 2021, by

Interview with Eleni Vasilaki – talking bio-inspired machine learning

Eleni Vasilaki is Professor of Computational Neuroscience and Neural Engineering and Head of the Machine Learning Group in the Department of Computer Science, University ...
25 February 2021, by

Interview with Amy McGovern – creating trustworthy AI for environmental science applications

Dr Amy McGovern leads the NSF AI Institute for Research on Trustworthy AI in Weather, Climate, and Coastal Oceanography (AI2ES), and is based at the University of Oklahom...
24 February 2021, by

How explainable artificial intelligence can help humans innovate

Understanding how artificial intelligence algorithms solve problems like the Rubik’s Cube makes AI more useful. By Forest Agostinelli The field of artificial inte...
23 February 2021, by

Radical AI podcast: featuring Anna Lenhart

Hosted by Dylan Doyle-Burke and Jessie J Smith, Radical AI is a podcast featuring the voices of the future in the field of artificial intelligence ethics. In this episode...
23 February 2021, by

Equitable climate mitigation – a webinar from Climate Change AI

In this webinar from Climate Change AI you can hear from panellists in industry and academia as they discuss climate change mitigation. They consider how we can tackle cl...
22 February 2021, by

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