RoboCup Humanoid League: Interview with Maike Paetzel-Prüsmann

Find out more about the Humanoid League and how they've adapted to a virtual environment for this year's RoboCup competition, kicking off on 24 June.
21 June 2021, by

Advancing society through inclusive AI technology

Socially Intelligent Artificial Systems (SIAS) - a new research group at the University of Amsterdam.
18 June 2021, by

RoboCup 3d Simulation League: Interview with Marco Simões

From 24-27 June, the 3d Soccer Simulation League will be taking place, as part of RoboCup 2021.
16 June 2021, by

Helping drone swarms avoid obstacles without hitting each other

Engineers at EPFL have developed a predictive control model that allows swarms of drones to fly in cluttered environments quickly and safely.
14 June 2021, by

Radical AI podcast: featuring Divya Siddarth

In this episode, Dylan and Jess chat to Divya Siddarth about decentralizing AI.
11 June 2021, by

Forthcoming machine learning and AI seminars: June 2021 edition

A list of free-to-attend AI-related seminars that are scheduled to take place between 10 June and 31 July 2021.
10 June 2021, by

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RoboCup Logistics League: Interview with Sebastian Eltester

Find out about this year's competition, taking place in the last week of June as part of RoboCup 2021.
09 June 2021, by

Sanmi Koyejo and Finale Doshi-Velez win Computing Research Association awards

Machine learning researchers receive the Skip Ellis Early Career Award and the Anita Borg Early Career Award.
08 June 2021, by

AI in port and maritime research

Three researchers from The Netherlands explain their work.
07 June 2021, by

AI Policy Matters – facial recognition, human-centred AI and more

AI Policy Matters is a regular column in the ACM SIGAI AI Matters newsletter.
04 June 2021, by and

The Machine Ethics Podcast: Algorithmic discrimination with Damien Williams

In this episode, Ben chats with Damien Williams about types of human and algorithmic discrimination, and much more.
03 June 2021, by

FLeet: putting machine learning in your pocket

Using mobile devices to conduct machine learning as part of a distributed network.
02 June 2021, by

AIhub launches focus series on reduced inequalities

As part of our ongoing focus on the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs), we are launching the next topic in this series: reduced inequalities.
02 June 2021, by

2021 AI Song Contest entries now online

Listen to, and vote on, the entries in this year's AI song contest.
01 June 2021, by

AIhub monthly digest: May 2021 – ocean studies, defining AI, and philosophy of mind

Welcome to our monthly digest where you can catch up with AI research, events and news from the month past.
28 May 2021, by

Understanding the oceans and climate change – the OcéanIA project and Tara expedition

Find out about an expedition to collect data from the oceans.
27 May 2021, by

Interview with Ali Boyle – talking AI, cognitive sciences and philosophy of mind

Ali shares insights from her research on the fascinating area of philosophy of mind.
25 May 2021, by

Learning what to do by simulating the past

We propose an algorithm that can learn a policy without any human supervision or reward function.
24 May 2021, by

What AI can do for football, and what football can do for AI

RoboCup President Peter Stone interviews Karl Tuyls about DeepMind's football analytics project.
20 May 2021, by

The Machine Ethics Podcast: The business of AI ethics with Josie Young

Ben Byford chats to Josie Young about the AI ethics landscape, responsible AI, and much more.

A learning theoretic perspective on local explainability

By Vaishnavh Nagarajan and Jeffrey Li [latexpage] Fig 1: A formal relationship between interpretability and complexity. Going from left to right, we consider incr...
18 May 2021, by

An active machine learning method for discovering new semiconductors

Searching for new organic semiconductors, the basis for OLEDs and solar cells.

CLAIRE to launch four new offices across Europe

Located in Zurich, Oslo, Paris and Brussels, the offices will focus on different topics relating to human-centred AI research, AI for good and AI for all.
14 May 2021, by

Interview with Nayat Sánchez-Pi – how the OcéanIA project is advancing our understanding of the oceans and our climate

The Director of Inria Chile tells us about her research into the relationship between the oceans and climate change using AI and mathematical modeling.
13 May 2021, by

The importance of hyperparameter optimization for model-based reinforcement learning

We discuss how model-based reinforcement learning is more susceptible to parameter tuning and how we can use AutoML.
12 May 2021, by

Forthcoming machine learning and AI seminars: May 2021 edition

A list of free-to-attend AI-related seminars that are scheduled to take place between 11 May and 30 June 2021.
11 May 2021, by

Artificial intelligence could be used to triage patients suspected at risk of early stage oesophageal cancer

Find out how Cambridge researchers are using deep-learning to assist pathologists.
10 May 2021, by

Counterfactual predictions under runtime confounding

We propose a method for using offline data to build a prediction model that only requires access to the available subset of confounders at prediction time.
07 May 2021, by

Tweet round-up from #ICLR2021

Peruse some of the chat from this week's International Conference on Learning Representations.
06 May 2021, by

Hot papers on arXiv from the past month: April 2021

What’s hot on arXiv? Here are the most tweeted papers that were uploaded onto arXiv during April 2021.
05 May 2021, by

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