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Fancy writing for AIhub? We are recruiting ambassadors

November 10, 2020

AIhub ambassador

Are you a PhD student or researcher with an interest in science communication? We are recruiting AIhub ambassadors to help us write about the latest news, research, conferences, and more, in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

What would this involve?

Ideally you would produce a series of blog posts on aspects of the field that interest you. You could write about some significant research, give a tutorial, or cover a session at a (for now, virtual) conference. You could draw attention to exciting new developments in the field, interview a researcher, review a paper or book, or summarise recent social media commentary. In short, there are many topics you could write about and we’d be more than happy to discuss any ideas you have.

What form should my blog post take?

Although the majority of our posts take the form of written text with images we are keen to incorporate more audio and video posts if that is something you’d like to explore. Essentially you can use whichever format you prefer.

Will you provide guidance?

Our Managing Editor will be happy to chat with you online, or by email, to provide guidance and to answer any questions you may have. We can advise on science communication and will be on hand to help with any editing, or simply to talk through any ideas you may have for an article.

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Interested in signing up?

Fill in this form and we’ll get back to you to discuss the next steps.

Lucy Smith , Managing Editor for AIhub... read more

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