Interview with Siddharth Bhatia: a new approach for anomaly detection

In work presented at AAAI-20 researchers from National University of Singapore, Carnegie Mellon University, and KAIST described their approach for anomaly detection in time-evolving graphs. In this in...
01 May 2020, by

AAAI Squirrel AI Award for Artificial Intelligence for the Benefit of Humanity

The AAAI Squirrel AI Award for Artificial Intelligence for the Benefit of Humanity is a new prize, to be awarded for the first time at the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (A...
14 April 2020, by

Will AI write the scientific papers of the future? – Yolanda Gil’s presidential address at #AAAI20

Professor Yolanda Gil, AAAI President The Presidential Address at the AAAI conferences is always a much-anticipated event with the new President giving their take on an aspect of the field of artif...
06 April 2020, by

#AAAI20 Turing Award session: Bengio, Hinton and LeCun talk about their research

One of the highlights of the AAAI-20 conference this month was the special event featuring Turing Award winners, Yoshua Bengio (University of Montreal and Mila), Geoffrey E. Hinton (Google, The Vector...
26 February 2020, by

Interview with Vidal Alcázar – #AAAI20 award winner

Vidal Alcázar, Pat Riddle and Mike Barley receiving their honorable mention award at AAAI-20, New York. Photo credit: AAAI. Vidal Alcázar, Pat Riddle and Mike Barley received an honourable me...
25 February 2020, by

Neural approximate dynamic programming for on-demand ride-pooling

In this post Sanket Shah (Singapore Management University) writes about his ride-pooling journey, from Bangalore to AAAI-20, with a few stops in-between....
19 February 2020, by

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#AAAI20 tweet round-up: Monday-Wednesday

Monday to Wednesday at AAAI-20 saw a multitude of technical sessions, the exhibition and posters. In addition there were a number of interesting debates, invited talks and panels. Here are some tweets...
13 February 2020, by

Watch the panel discussions and invited talks from #AAAI20

If you weren’t able to attend the AAAI20 conference in New York you can catch some of the invited talks and panel sessions via the livestreamed videos. Featured events include Yolande Gil’s presid...
12 February 2020, by

Congratulations to the #AAAI20 outstanding paper award winners

The AAAI-20 outstanding paper awards were presented on Tuesday 11th February at the AAAI conference in New York. Awards and honourable mentions were given for: outstanding paper, outstanding student p...
11 February 2020, by

#AAAI20 – a weekend in tweets

It was a busy weekend at the 34th Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI). Although the AAAI technical sessions didn’t start in earnest until the Sunday there were numerous workshops on Saturd...
10 February 2020, by

Live coverage of #AAAI20

The 34th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-20), held in New York, started yesterday (Friday 7 February) and runs until Wednesday 12 February. Our Managing Editor, Lucy Smith, will be a...
08 February 2020, by

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