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The limitations of limited context for constituency parsing

We consider the representational power of two important frameworks for constituency parsing.
24 September 2021, by

Strategic instrumental variable regression: recovering causal relationships from strategic responses

How can we infer causal relationships in data while employing a decision-making model?
08 September 2021, by

Universal weakly supervised segmentation by pixel-to-segment contrastive learning

Can a machine learn from a few labeled pixels to predict every pixel in a new image?
17 August 2021, by

A unifying, game-theoretic framework for imitation learning

In this post we explore imitation learning and consider online, offline, and interactive methods.
13 August 2021, by

The surprising effectiveness of PPO in cooperative multi-agent games

A study of cooperative multi-agent tasks, in which a group of agents is trying to optimize a shared reward function.
06 August 2021, by

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